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Erratum for the 2nd edition

Correction on page 20Table 2.12 on page 20 should be corrected as follows:

PDF of revised page 20

Revision of page 21

The last paragraph on page 20 continuing on page 21 should be completed as follows:



 Range of Validity. Equation (2.9) is valid in the metastable-vapour region from the saturated-vapour line to the 5% equilibrium moisture line (corresponding to the vapour fraction x = 0.95, determined from the equilibrium h' and h'' values calculated for the given pressure) at pressures from the triple-point pressure, see Eq. (1.8), up to 10 MPa.


PDF of revised page 21


Correction on page 40

The values for h' (623.15 K) and h'' (623.15 K) in the paragraph below Table 2.29 on page 40 should be corrected as follows:           

The equation ps,3 ( h ), Eq. (2.18), describes the saturated-liquid line and the saturated-vapour line including the critical point in the following enthalpy range, see Fig. 2.5:


h' (623.15 K)   ≤  h   ≤  h'' (623.15 K),
where h' (623.15 K) = h1( ps(623.15 K), 623.15 K) = 1.670 858 218 x 103 kJ kg-1
and h'' (623.15 K) = h2( ps(623.15 K), 623.15 K) = 2.563 592 004 x 103 kJ kg-1

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Correction on page 83
The headline of Table 2.71 on page 83 should be corrected as follows:

PDF of revised page 83


Correction on page 130
Table 2.132 on page 130 should be corrected as follows:

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Revision of page 152

The paragraph below Eq. (3.3) must be corrected into:



where d = r/r* and θ = T/T* with r* = rc and T* = Tc, where the critical density rc = 322 kg m-3 and the critical temperature Tc = 647.096 K according to Eqs. (1.6) and (1.4). Table 3.2 contains the coefficients ni and exponents Ii and Jiof Eq. (3.3).


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Correction on page 156

Equations (3.7a) and (3.7b) on page 156 must be corrected into:




PDF of revised page 156

Correction of certain results calculated from the attached IAPWS-IF97 Electronic Steam Tables CD

There is an error in the conversion of kJ/(kg K) into BTU/(lbm °R) that relates to the properties

 specific entropy s,
isobaric heat capacity cp,
isochoric heat capacity cv, and
specific gas constant R.

The displayed results for these properties in BTU/(lbm °R) have to be divided by 1.8.